I use my niche to store more than my glass collection. Occasionally a recipe works so well I want to share it. More often the glass misbehaves in such a way it should be documented – and not repeated. If it helps someone else avoid the same pitfall, all the better. This is a good place to publish all those tutorials I have racing around in my head.

Keeping my personal website up-to-date is a chore and requires the assistance of a computer savvy friend. Watch this spot for fresh and current works for sale. If you like it, contact me at malenchglass@aol.com to make sure it is still available. I’m Paypal friendly.

Thanks for coming by – try the recipes!

Remember to buy American artisan glass art and crafts… Faye Malench


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Kathie kooken Says:

    What beautiful art!! I have a kiln and I’m very interested in the procedure of making the glass bowls with the terra cotta pots. Do you just put broken pieces in bottom of pot in the kiln then keep ramping up the temp? Hopefully you can help me.

  2. Margaret Seaton Says:

    Good morning. I love your work and your blog! Are you able to answer a question about your seascape pieces? Thanks you. I hope to hear from you

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