You know you have a dresser drawer for special things. In my case it’s a cardboard box shoved way back on the shelf – out of sight, out of mind. Haven’t touched base with Petah to ask how he views my wanton destruction of expensive lingerie – or is that destruction of wanton lingerie?  No matter – at the very first sight of cast glass clothing a number of years ago, my mind went straight to that box. How awesome it would be to preserve delicate lace and fluff into permanence.

I signed up as soon as I discovered that Lisa Becker, owner/artist of Art Glass Array in St. Charles, was teaching fabric casting. Since I have a bit of experience with casting forms, Lisa talked me through preparation of the fabric. This piece was outside the size parameters for the class so I had an alternate ready – a pair of knitted booties. When I arrived at class, with my pre-prepped teddy, Lisa was kind enough to allow me to use it. Fortunately she was there to walk me through it because it proved to be difficult.

The following slideshow will illustrate some of the fun we had while wrestling this large piece. No further hints on how we did the actual work, but I highly recommend the class at Art Glass Array. It was fun and informative.

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This is an image of the new opaline glass teddy – freshly demolded and requiring surprisingly little cold-working.