Descriptions of outcomes while working with Reactive Ice Irid:

 In the cold sheet Reactive Ice appears clear. On my last order I jokingly told the BE sales rep I didn’t trust myself to have more than one deceptive glass on-hand at a time. There’s some truth in that so I ordered just the one sheet, with a plan to use it up in a short period of experimenting with the copper-bearing glasses. A list of those are on the BE website – all in the blue family of colors.

Use of the irid facing down toward the base sheet should give a crackled effect. I sand-blasted designs on the irid side to reveal more of the reactive surface with the intent to have a darker design within a field of crackle. I was pleased with the way it worked out. The interior irid flashes copper and bronze which complements the turquoise.






The above design was hand-cut on the fly from an aboriginal sun design using sand-blast resist. For the two trinket dishes (below) I used a brass commercial stencil and blasted away the irid in a fern leaf design. The glass is light aquamarine 1408.