I’m embarassed to admit I’ve started at least two blogs over the past few years – one was lost because I could not find or match up an email address and password. The other withered and died due to neglect. I thought Facebook would be the answer to needing a central place to share glass ideas, photos and network with other glass artists. Turns out  it IS a wonderful place to connect with other people; also to make jokes, play mindless games and waste an amazing amount of time.

Now I’m back to where I started – in a place I can post glass pictues and talk about glass issues with like-minded people.   The Glass Niche is the name of a company I started about 8 years ago. (It has nothing to do with the Niche awards, though I covet one.) As I excitedly described the glass fusing process to my oldest daughter, she said simply “I guess glass is your niche”. That became the name of one side of my business, and I quickly nailed down the domain name. My primary work is promoted and sold under Malench Glass locally. Someplace in the cyber-world there is a half-empty store called Glass Niche that is slowly being merchandised.

Bright and early tomorrow the second step of my journey takes me to BE reactive glass.